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Author: Antonio Trkdz.tab
To: [DNG]
Subject: [DNG] Problems with mate-power-manager
Dear All,

I am using ascii with mate on a laptop and recently I switched from
xfce-power-manager (perfectly working) to mate-power-manager from hezeh.org
Following recommendations from repo mantainer I have also installed
mate-session-manager, mate-control-center and mate-settings-daemon from the
same repo.

So far the battery icon is working as per solution of bug report #240, but
the laptop is not suspending after inactivity (10 min) on battery.
The system is suspending ok when invoked from end session dialog or from
cli, also OK on closing the lid. The system is also suspending according to
settings (30 min) on AC power.

When on battery and left open the screen goes blank, but after 10 minutes,
instead of going into sleep state, it awakes showing the password entry

The problem persists also after installing upower version 0.99.10 from
beowulf repos.

This issue is very annoying and It would be great if some of you could help.

Please forgive me if the info are quite generic and don't hesitate to ask
if you need more info or logs.

Thank you all in advance,