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Author: wirelessduck
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Request for testing of slim/experimental

> Yes, though I just discovered it on my system, and whilst I believe it's
> a plain, dist-upgraded ascii with a well-defined couple of variations,
> I've also "fixed things"(tm).
> Does anyone else have bogus 'w'/'last' reports?

I’m running consolekit with lightdm on a regular ascii.

I just installed slim alongside lightdm and set it as default. Rebooted and logged in via slim.

I get nothing listed when running 'w' and 'who'. Checking output of 'last' shows the reboot time correctly but my slim login doesn’t appear at all.

I switched back to lightdm and I see my user appearing in the output of both 'w' and 'who'. The 'last' output also shows my lightdm login from tty7.

I should note that this login account comes from winbind, but I don’t think that should be affecting this at all?