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Author: Stefan Krusche
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] bootlogd: /var/log/boot does not get rotated
Subject: Re: [DNG] bootlogd: /var/log/boot does not get rotated SOLVED
Am Samstag, 2. März 2019 schrieb KatolaZ:
> > I only have looked into /etc/init.d/bootlogd so far. The copied
> > code snippets (with line numbers) tell me that bootlogd logs
> > to /run/bootlog:
> >
> > 16 TMPLOG=/run/bootlog
> >
> > 20 BOOTLOGD_OPTS="-c -l $TMPLOG"
> Dear Stefan,
> bootlogd only replaces /var/log/boot~ if it is given the option "-r"
> (see the bootlogd manpage). It looks like this option is missing from
> BOOTLOGD_OPTS above. It should be sufficient to add "-r" there.

Dear KatolaZ,

thanks for pointing out, I seem to have overlooked that one.

> This
> means that you would only keep the log for the last two boots,
> though.

Yes, sure.

> Another possibility would be to have a logrotate config file for
> that, and keep as many logs as you want.

Yes, alright. I have done that before, no problem.

I've been expecting it to be default to rotate logs (or copy to <file>~)
as it is the case with most other programs from my experience and not
to have to edit an init script to get bootlogd to rotate its logs
myself (only after having noticed it has grown overly). That's why I
thought something might be wrong here.

Thank you.

Kind regards,