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Author: Fungi4All
To: Patrice Riemens
CC: squatconf@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] unknownOS and riseup.net (Fungi4All)

> > Hello all,
> > I recently discovered a new linux distribution by the name of unknown
> > OS, I am testing it myself, I am not recommending it. It is debian
> > based and has many anonymity and privacy/security features built in
> > it, among usual pen-testing tools. It is big.
> > What I found puzzling is that among their block list of domains, there
> > are state agencies of many countries, large corporations, and
> > riseup.net. There isn't much information on their site on the why but
> > I am wondering whether anyone has heard anything negative about them
> > that I am not aware of. I thought riseup was a pretty much a safe
> > heaven for activists worldwide with the security of being among too
> > many unknowns. What could be a reason for them to block it?
> > Gus
> The only reason I can think of (NB: IANAC applies) is that riseup is
> domicilied in the US which sends all sorts of red lights lighting up on
> the panels of more hardcore politburo coders. In fact I think it's not a
> very good reason to block since they are quite robust at defending
> privacy. But then, of course they operate under US law ...
> Cheerio, p+7D!

I thought of this too but all .com .nry .org domains are based in the US, servers may not. On the other hand they seem very invested in tor technology, having setups for countries like China with special bridges and stuff. Isn't tor also US based?
Their system is based on a systemd (nightmare of security and privacy) distribution with network manager. But so does tails.
Anyway, I thought I should bring it up in case anyone has heard anything that we should be aware of. There is also this thing with gag orders in the US from homeland.sec. and for a while some would issue declaration of not being served but this seems to have lost its meaning.