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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Notes - Devuan meet Jan. 23, 2019
And now for your kind attention, the devuan-dev meet notes from
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019.



# Devuan meet Jan. 23, 2019 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Meet here: https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan
   * Please post notes prior to the meet.
   * Please add your name as 'Present' below when you get to the
   * When adding a comment in someone else's notes, please
     pre-pend your name like this: (whoever) whatever . . .

Present: plasma41, OBeardly, golinux, RickMoen, amesser, fsmithred,

## Old Business
- Still to do:
- Merchandise
- Catering
- Book tickets - Done

## Old Actions
- Making progress:
- Eventzilla final set up. Looks great thanks to Evilham!
- Announcement finally sent. Whew!

## New Business

### nico sent news
- Speaker: sure! Will be "Running a Devuan data center"
- Sponsor: we could discuss that, open for it

### golinux
- conf announcement finally sent. YEA!!!
  - Laurent Bercot has offered to present on s6!!! Talk to KatolaZ
    to confirm
  - another registrant is a shell scripter from Apple Inc.
    Senior Software Engineer - January 2002 to present - Cupertino,
- Why did we drop LXDE?
- Beowulf graphics coming along:
  - https://dev1galaxy.org/files/isolinux-FINAL.png
  - https://dev1galaxy.org/files/your-way_cinnabar-wide-large.png
    (all 4 sizes are there on /files)
  - https://dev1galaxy.org/files/slim-cinnabar.png
- yandex spammmers on git, blocked yandex temporarily
- irc.dyne.org - in TODO at dyne already

### bootable stick for devuan merch
idea to have a multi-boot stick with more than one devuan
derivative on (grub choice or so) could pack multi-purpose ones
like: refracta, gnuinos, heads, minimal-live, etc.

### ledger fund
dyne is about to announce a rather big funding project by the
European Commission distributing up to 200k EUR to 32 selected
projects which may be / are encouraged to be based on Devuan
https://ledgerproject.eu don't mind the sort of temp website
launch is on 1st february and all DEvuan community is encouraged
to apply. no EU citizenship is needed for this (just residency)

### plasma41
- Caught up on posting many weeks of meet notes to devuan-dev.
- (gl) Huge job and much appreciated.

## New Actions
- Order merchandise
- Book catering
- Book tickets - DONE!
- Place for golinux to stay
- live-usb imaged usb?