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Author: Spencer Rhodes
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] John McAfee: Real Talk on Expat US, 2020 Presidency, Cryptocurrency Future
Western democracy may arguably be the least-worst idea that civilization
has come up with in the past 6500 years, (and I make no claim that it is),
but it is still a shit idea.

An authoritative system will never evolve to be anything other than
authoritative. Not authority specifically, but beneath that, the belief
that some humans are meant to lead and others are meant to follow is what I
see as the core problem.

The concept of authority is so entrenched in the collective consciousness
today that if you tear down their governments, people will only clamor to
replace them.

The only way forward as I see it is the development of technologies that
enable personal empowerment and render central control obsolete, or at
least impotent.

Tech alone will fail however without the cultivation of a culture that
promotes values of self-ownership, knowledge, and respect for life, over
material consumption, power over others, and the endless engaging in what I
call "masturbation of the ego".

No small feat to effect such a change.

We are, however, at a period in history where we have perhaps the greatest
leverage ever to do so.

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019, 11:05 AM grarpamp <grarpamp@??? wrote:

> > If he'd just promise to shutdown the government for 4 years, that would
> be
> > terrific.
> Some candidates are swearing to do that, for longer.
> > But I'm afraid the best we can expect from McAfee would be [...]
> > scans for foreign interference
> > ;)
> >> Now there's a man who knows not only how to make waves, but to put real
> >>     get out and create some of your own... :)

> That regardless of votes or station, more people are
> getting out there, on the tubes, in the channels and books,
> in local communities, from and part of the global hive, through
> humor, serious work, or otherwise, bringing the message to
> the world and showing that there are other better more free
> and future compatible ways to do things.
> Something is happening when you've got things like
> cryptocurrency, 3D printing, actual mentions of
> Voluntaryism... all making it into network TV clips.
> People want to know what that is, what it can do
> for them, how to make sense of and use it all.
> Provide the answers.
> unsystem
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