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Author: Michael
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Added desktop-live to the install guides
On Tuesday 01 January 2019 03:46:52 am golinux@??? wrote:
> tweaking the install guides and adding one for the desktop-live gui
> install. You can start here:
> https://beta.devuan.org/os/documentation/install-guides/start-here.html

Hi golinux,

These thoughts are from the angle of helping someone who’s never done an
install of any OS before. My guess is most people haven’t, as when buying a
new computer the OS is almost always already installed now days.

I’ve added stubs where I can, but do edit for better user clarity!

# # #

# # Sections to Add:

= Which Release version is right for me?

Explain when/why they should choose ASCII or Jessie.

= {Explanation of the .iso naming scheme}

^^^ Who we are!
       ^^^ The Release name
                   ^^^ The architecture
                         ^^^ The Installation image

Needs fixed width to line up properly...

= {Pathing walk through of how to find the right .iso}

# # Section: Supported architectures

Define what both of these mean.

amd64: 64-bit CPUs, used for both Intel and AMD consumer level CPUs.
I386: 32-bit CPUs, ???

# # Section: Installation images

Rename to “What Installation image should I chose?”

Add Subsection: One install with access to the Internet?

Use the `*_netinst.iso` which will install a base system then download the
remaining packages during the installation process.

Add Subsection: Multiple installs or no access to the Internet during

Choose the single `*_dvd-1.iso`. The image contains several desktop choices
and additional software options. ...

# # Section: Check the integrity of images

Add how to for Windows. You can probably swipe Fedora’s? But someone would
need to check both copyright concerns and that the instructions work.


# # Check the integrity of images Vs. Verify the images

This isn’t my field, but??? If they’ve done a sha256sum, is there any value
in checking a keychain? Or are these just two alternatives of the same thing
and these two sections need to be sub-sections of the same section?

# # Section: Writing an image to a CD/DVD or USB drive

Okay, I hate giving people dd instructions, as one bad typo and they’ve
irrevocably wiped the wrong drive. These instructions are much safer and
also allow the user to add scripts, commands, copies of .bashrc, and any
other ‘stuff’ that they might want post install to the USB.

Creating a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive from terminal

There is one additional command needed. In the next to last step you also
need to rename isolinux.bin to syslinux.bin.

This section also needs Windows instructions.

# # #

Nice writeup, this will definitely help!