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Author: KatolaZ
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Please help with testing the new version of sysvinit
Dear d1rs,


we need help in testing any regression with a new version of sysvinit
(2.91-1+devuan1) that we have put in Devuan experimental

http://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged experimental main

So if you are on ceres or beowulf, please try it out and report any

Longer version:

As some of you might know, there was a thread on debian-devel about
two weeks ago in which it was proposed to remove sysvinit from the
Debian repo. The main reason is that the package has been in RFA
(Request For Adoption) since a couple of years ago. At that point,
some Devuan developers stepped up and offered to help maintaining
sysvinit in Debian, since we would have to maintain it anyway in
Devuan if it gets dropped from Debian. Several DDs welcomed the offer
(and among them Ian Jackson himself), and volunteered to sponsor our

In the meanwhile, Ian Jackson created a debian-init-divesity mailing
list, and we contacted the last uploaders and the new upstream
developer/maintainer (Jesse Smith, Distrowatch) to coordinate the
efforts. We got a very good response from all the people involved, and
the collaboration is proceeding very well. debian-init-divesity is a
welcoming place (at starking difference to debian-devel, I must say),
and most of the participants there have already been using some of the
additional packages offered by Devuan, including elogind and eudev.

We are now working all together on an upload of a new version of
sysvinit in Debian experimental, merged with the latest upstream
version from Jesse, which also solves some of the outstanding bugs in
the Debian packages. Today I built a preliminary version of
sysvinit-2.91 for Devuan experimental (2.91-1+devuan1), to be used for
extensive testing. The package is relatively stable, but we need to
test it as widely as possible to pinpoint any regression.

So if you have a Devuan Beowulf or Ceres installation to spare, which
could do some real work (like installing/activating different
services, moving stuff around the runlevels, trying different options
of boot/reboot, etc), then your help would be very useful at this
point. You just need to add Devuan experimental repos to your

http://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged experimental main

and then

apt-get install -t experimental sysvinit sysvinit-core sysv-rc sysvinit-utils initscripts bootlogd

Please report any bug to bugs.devuan.org. We will triage them and
possibly forward upstream as needed (or solve them and merge the patch
upstream directly). There will probably be several updates in the next
few days anyway.

Thanks for your collaboration.


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