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Author: Hleb Valoshka
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] initial elogind package ready / RFC
On 2018-01-05 20:08, Andreas Messer wrote:
> If anyone like to try it out, checkout branch suites/experimental
> from https://git.devuan.org/amesser/elogind.git and build with
> debbuild. This is my first package, comments are welcome.

-> d/changelog
elogind (234.4-devuan1) experimental; urgency=medium

This package is native to Devuan, so it's version should be 234.4-1 or

-> d/control & d/libelogind-data.install

libelogind-data contains only l10n files, so there is no need for a
separate package, merge libelogind-data into libelogind.

Build-Depends: debhelper,

Add minimal debhelper version (>= 9) as in d/compat you have 9.

-> d/elogind.init

A lot of `--pidfile /run/elogin.pid' you'd better define a variable
ELOGIND_PID=elogin.pid and use it instead.

run_by_init() is not used anywhere.

And I suppose there is no need to check for upstart, abandoned and
unsupported afair in Dev1 sustem.

-> d/libpam-elogind.postinst

Extra newlines.

-> d/libpam-elogind.prerm

Extra newlines.

"pam-auth-update --package --remove consolekit"


-> d/elogind.install

Lines looking like some/dir/* can be simplified just to some/dir/

-> libelogind-dev.install

add lib/*/libelogind.so
remove all *.la files

usr/include/elogind/* + usr/include/elogind/systemd/* = usr/include/elogind/

-> d/rules

DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH ?= $(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)

Can be safely removed as you depend on debhelper >= 9

--enable-kdbus \

KDBus is not here, please remove.


dh_autoreconf debian/rules -- autoreconf

It doesn't look that you need to run autogen.sh, so these targets can be
safely removed. In case you really need to run autogen.sh, use the following:

dh_autoreconf ./autogen.sh

dh $@ --builddirectory=build --with autoreconf --parallel

Remove `--builddirectory=build` as you set it in override_dh_auto_configure
and --parallell, afaik dh is clever enough to enable it automatically.

> There are some things with package file structure which might
> be improved. I'm building elogind with the options recommended
> in autogen.sh. But this implies that commands and libs are
> installed to /bin and /lib and some very obscure thing, elogind
> itself is installed to /lib/elogind/elogind. I suggest to install
> it to /usr/bin, /usr/sbin and /usr/lib as usual and dropping that
> weird /lib/elogind folder? Oppinions?

Agree, but lib/elogind/elogind-cgroups-agent should go to