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Author: Troy Benjegerdes
To: Eric Voskuil, Libbitcoin
Subject: [Libbitcoin] Libbitcoin Segwit2x testing
I just brought up my 'Catoshi' fork of bitcoin after
merging in the just released BTC1 segwit2x release.

I'd really like to have another client to test with,
what is the status of Segwit on libbitcoin?

I know there are a lot of heated opinions on the
subject, and unless you are looking to change the
name to 'libbitcoinclassic' and change the difficulty
adjustment to deal with lower hash rate, it might be
worth some effort to do some interop tests with BTC1
and Catoshi in the event that segwit2x ends up with
the most chain work.

Is it feasible to at least interoperate, based on the
end-users choice, with the proposed Segwit2x behavior
of forcing at least 1 single large block at the fork
point, even if you don't have any Segwit code ready?

I imagine you could still validate all the orginal TXes
and ignore any segregated witness versions.