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Author: LM
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Squatconf Digest, Vol 13, Issue 1

> 1. We have a guest room here in the infrastructure section, ready to
> host tech people coming to help. If anybody fancies having a "working
> holidays" in Athens, as a resident hacker of a very peculiar anarchist
> squatting community, there is an opening.

I'd love to come and visit you and help out. Just recently quit my job
so I will have a lot of time over. However, I can probably stay only
for two weeks at a time, since I have obligations back home.

> 2. Now, when we have our users reconnected, it is time to set up our
> first service, which is going to be a public message system. The role
> model is Pirate Box, but we need it to be customised and rebranded, so
> it would become Prosfygika Public Announcement system. We have TP-Link
> MR-3020 for this purpose, with some external storage. If we can find
> anybody keen and able to help us setting it up, it would move the whole
> network onto different level. So, please give me a shout.

This sounds like a fun thing todo and I can probably help out with this.
At least try to ;)

> 3. A while ago, some of you folks contacted me, offering help in
> various
> forms. I am still in process of recovering my mail archives after the
> disk crash (cheap USB pockets kill SSDs!) so if you are still there,
> contact me again, please. We now need a lot of hardware for servers and
> desktops, both in the infrastructure department and for our users.
> Anything that can decently run some linux or Cyanogen will be used
> wisely. Detailed wishlist available upon request and soon online.

I'd like to get my hands on this list :) I have a bunch of laptops and
other things that I could donate (or buy), if this is something of

> ***Featured*** need is a decent teleconference camera (we are setting
> up
> a teleconference/webinar station). 75 Euro is the cost of the one I
> found here, but it makes solid dent in our resources so perhaps some of
> you has a better solution?

I can pay for it.