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Author: Petros at Freelab
To: squatconf
Subject: [Squatconf] Greetings from Prosfygika, Athens, Greece.
Hello everybody,

Jerome and Noemi invited me to join this group, thank you guys.

I am working as a coordinator and troublemaker in a very special place
in Athens (Greece), called Prosfygika. It is the whole (small)
neighborhood (8 blocks, ~280 flats) mostly squatted by a very mixed,
international community.
I am (re)building infrastructure here, starting of course from
neighborhood network. The goal is to create sustainable cooperative,
running all utilities in the neighborhood. As usual in Greece, second
essential need is coffee, so we plan to start our own coffee take-away
point soon.
I am going to open another thread, specifically about making Prosfygika
a location for next Squat-conf edition in May. There, I will publish
some links and more description.

Personally, I am an ex-stock broker, ex-ecommerce startuper, ex-courier
driver, converted to anarchism of constructive kind. By pure accident I
was among co-founders of Warsaw Hackerspace and among first advocates of
BTC there (no, I did not buy or mine a single one :D). Currently my
lifetime project is to build technological and political framework for
heterogeneous confederated society that starts to emerge among the ruins
we inhabit.

My content can be found at:

That's for starter. AMA if you like.


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