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Author: Adam Borowski
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Openrc
On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 10:32:52AM +0200, Jaromil wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Sep 2016, emninger@??? wrote:
> > Does that mean openrc as an option for devuan is gone?
> not at all. We even plan to roll out our own openrc package, ditching
> the one from Debian which has many problems. Perhaps what you are
> hitting is one of them.
> For Devuan's Openrc we will follow the design proposed by upstream and
> Gentoo's, the maintainer volunteering for this is Parazyd (also on
> this list) who works with us at Dyne.org. We will also use Openrc in
> our projects and are advocating for it as the next new standard in
> Devuan ascii, at the condition of a 100% smooth transition from
> sysvinit.
> At last, we haven't done anything on the OpenRC package yet so your
> problems are entirely caused by the Debian maintainership, which can't
> be trusted at all, IMHO

Actually, it appears there's effectively _no_ Debian maintainership.
The package was uninstallable (but upgradeable) for two months, including
a week after someone posted a patch to the bug report.

I've just uploaded that fix. Technically, I do have commit rights to the
packaging repository (got them after a NMU), but I've never really cared
about openrc -- sysv-rc works well enough for me, at least so far.

So, if you have some ideas for what to change, please step up! If you say,
"we will follow the design proposed by upstream and Gentoo", the current
main maintainer's (Benda Xu's) address @gentoo.org doesn't exactly look like
someone not aligned with them :) He apparently has no tuits to work on
openrc's maintenance in Debian so I guess any help is welcome.

I see some bugs I could fix:
* closing fds 0,1,2 is bad (#832940)
* scary bogus messages on upgrade about replacing sysv-rc
* insserv warnings
but I don't commit to any serious work myself, sorry, at least for now.

There are areas where you'd want to differentiate Devuan from Debian to give
people a reason to switch, but I'd say openrc is one where it'd be a really
bad idea: if sysv-rc goes away and openrc is not in a good enough shape, you
can count on hordes of systemd fanbois to start purging non-systemd support.
And suddenly having to maintain a diff for thousands of packages is
something you don't have the manpower for.

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