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Author: Jaromil
To: Minimalistic plugin API for video effects
Subject: Re: [Frei0r] [PATCH] Remove extra input params from C++ update() methods.
On Fri, 02 Sep 2016, salsaman wrote:

>    Yes that is the correct script to run ! You will need to load /
>    reload a couple of clips first before running it.  The script
>    will run each effect in turn. It will set each parameter in turn
>    to its min / max / default value.  It reports some errors, such
>    as the default being outside the min / max values.  Otherwise
>    look for crashes with gdb (if the crash is in LiVES please report
>    it ;-) ) It's also possible to check with valgrind to look for
>    memory leaks.  If somebody can remind me where the latest frei0r
>    code is these days I will run it myself too.


it is here https://github.com/dyne/frei0r

download with git using command:

git clone https://github.com/dyne/frei0r

then `cmake .` and make

the patch is already applied and compiles fine.

would be great if you can run the tests in person since you know best