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Author: Vesna Manojlovic
To: squatconf
CC: gentlejunk
Subject: [Squatconf] LEAY is offering place & support to volunteers (Croatia <-> Germany) (fwd)
since the squatconf is happening in Germany right now,
here's a call for a German volunteer in Lika, Croatia.

write to kruno (who is in cc) if you have questions,


Kruno from MMK is looking for a volunteer for his new place in Lika:

If the volunteers are coming from Germany & younger then 30, they will be
provided help & have some expenses covered: travel, food, accomodation, and
even get some pocket money.

Here is the official page with info about the project: for volunteers

I can recommend Kruno's effort in making his dream come true:
a community living -- connected with nature,
exploring appropriate technologies that contribute to the environment,
combining art and activism and education,
mixing the cooperatives and family-setting
with friends and communities he was involved with over years.

Please share with your contacts!


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