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Author: Will Schiller
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] squatconf gearing up -- main day 30th / decentralize session day 29th april

Sounds awesome!

Just wondering if there will be any chance for those who can't make it to take part or listen to talks. For example will there be a live stream?


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Subject: [Squatconf] squatconf gearing up -- main day 30th / decentralize session day 29th april
Local Time: 23 April 2016 12:56 PM
UTC Time: 23 April 2016 11:56
From: holger@???
To: squatconf@???

squatconf is gearing up ... several folks are to arrive to berlin in
the next couple of days. There'll be some spontaneous pre-meetups
whose location/timing might get posted to the #squatconf freenode channel
or the squatconf signal group -- if you like mail me your mobile number
or someone else you suspect of being in that group.

SATURDAY, 30th April is the main squatconf talk day, starting 9am at
SpektrumBerlin.de (Buercknerstrasse 12) and lasting until 6pm.
The great folks at SpektrumBerlin let us use their space for free
(donations welcome though) because they like what we are doing
and trust we use their facilities co-operatively. They need
the space in the evening for events (sound performances) and
we can stick around the bar but can't continue with a talk/audience
scenario. We can bring food and also non-alcoholic beverages.

Note that the spektrumberlin space can hold up to a 100 people so if too
many people make a buzz about saturday it's unclear what happens.
Maybe better then to not make a big buzz on twitter about it?

Accepted Talks so far:

FRIDAY, 29th April some folks convene already at SpektrumBerlin
around 9am in the morning to setup things and then go for a dedicated
"decentralized network" session with technical talks and broader
discussions on decentralizing open source technologies. This involves
questions of how decentralization tech at kernel networking versus
app-level relate, can integrate with each other. Besides algorithmic
decentralization issues there also loom social, money and community
questions with respective dangers of centralized power and control.
That first session day will also end around 6pm as ther'll be bar
and performance things going on afterwards.

Lastly, on May 1st there'll be a post-squatconf session on "how to evade
cybernetic capitalism". This cross-disciplinary session starts at 2pm
at the Telekommunisten space / ThoughtworksWerkstatt, Muehlhauserstr. 6.

On May 2nd there is also bound to be an IPFS meetup at CBase but
i don't know much details there, how open it is.

I've put all this preliminary information into a pad here:


so that other can modify it as we go and possibly shift
the information to the webpage.
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