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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
CC: Rick Moen
Subject: [DNG] The first FreeDesktop bicycle accessory
Hi all,

Here's the first bicycle accessory created by Red Hat and FreeDesktop:


Right now it's just an integrated (very integrated) bicycle pump. But
from rumors I hear, in the future it will take over the gear shifting
and braking functions, and later the all-wheel-drive functionality on a
bicycle. Soon, with the FreeDesktop pump fully integrated, you'll have
a reverse gear on your bicycle: We've needed a reverse gear for years.
The old system really needs replacement.

Its detractors say that it will take five hours to change a tire with
this system, but if they'd research the FreeDesktop integrated pump
they'd see that the FreeDesktop pump's glass detector will find and
brush away all glass and nails so you'll never get a flat).

I've heard some people want to keep on using their regular hand pumps
or CO2 devices. Those people:

* are afraid of change.
* are neckbeards.
* want to tell bicycle designers how to do their jobs but won't
* are whingers.
* just don't understand the benefits of an integrated pump.
* are too lazy to learn something new.


Steve Litt
February 2016 featured book: The Key to Everyday Excellence