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Author: ralf lambertz
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Any news on dynebolic?

its nice to hear that the development of dynebolic will go on.
and it will be nice to have an updated and functioning freej.

and here are some links of art ,most under a cc-by-nc-sa license from friends and me.

www.iq60.net a nice labyrinth of art,all under a cc-by-nc-sa license.enjoy it.

www.interkarow.net a collection of art and other stuff by people living in a berlin trailer camp.
its in german but a lot of pictures.

btw,it would be nice to have the dyne software run under haiku os. www.haiku-os.org
maybe ,when they arrive beta status i will try to compile some dyne software to haiku os.
but my knowledge is limited.

bye and happy hacking.


I'm O.K. and gathering good motivation to work a bit more, thanks for
your comments! meanwhile I got sidetracked from working on dyne:bolic
itself, while preparing some software that will be integrated in the
next one. examples:

Tomb http://dyne.org/software/tomb <- evolution of nesting
Tomb will be the backend of the nesting in the next d:b

Dowse http://github.com/dyne/dowse[http://github.com/dyne/dowse]
A set of scripts to ease configuration of a LAN gateway and transparent
proxy for the privacy of all local users, in case one wants to use a d:b
box to route local traffic to the internet...

JaroMail http://dyne.org/software/jaromail[http://dyne.org/software/jaromail] :^)
a console mail client with advanced functionalities...

AutOrg http://dyne.org/software/autorg[http://dyne.org/software/autorg]
an heavily customized version of Emacs with several extensions and a
key scheme which is optimised for easy usage on desktop. it works as a
text editor for many languages, as well a safe password storage

Right now I have to slow down a bit, especially during september,
because of my university studies which will hopefully conclude next
year. Then I'll have more time to work on our OS distribution and for
sure I'll go back to the system of .dyne packaging in dyne:II so that
you can get involved doing packages that can be easily and independently
distributed. There are more people willing to help so I'll make sure
that the system grows including the good contributions made.

At last, since you were posting links to some (and some not) websites
and places, here you can see where I was on vacation this summer we made
nice pics and played in a wonderful mongolian Get (Yurt) :^)

please post links to your pictures of artworks and travels if you have
some online, is fun to look at them :^D

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux http://dynebolic.org[http://dynebolic.org]
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