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Author: Adam Bogacki
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Any news on dynebolic?

It's good to hear from you Jaromil. Have you been to Ulan Bator ?
I hear there is something of a mineral boom going on there,
with some people still living in the traditional way.

When I was in India I did not carry a camera, preferring to travel lean
but have many good memories from Kolkata to Amritsar.

There seems to be significant interest in the next Dyne::Bolic
in the current zeitgeist .. and in robust, adaptive, nomadic IT.

What would Ghengiz have used ?


Adam Bogacki,


On 22/08/13 18:38, Jaromil wrote:
> hello there!
> I'm O.K. and gathering good motivation to work a bit more, thanks for
> your comments! meanwhile I got sidetracked from working on dyne:bolic
> itself, while preparing some software that will be integrated in the
> next one. examples:
> Tomb http://dyne.org/software/tomb <- evolution of nesting
> Tomb will be the backend of the nesting in the next d:b
> Dowse http://github.com/dyne/dowse
> A set of scripts to ease configuration of a LAN gateway and transparent
> proxy for the privacy of all local users, in case one wants to use a d:b
> box to route local traffic to the internet...
> JaroMail http://dyne.org/software/jaromail :^)
> a console mail client with advanced functionalities...
> AutOrg http://dyne.org/software/autorg
> an heavily customized version of Emacs with several extensions and a
> key scheme which is optimised for easy usage on desktop. it works as a
> text editor for many languages, as well a safe password storage
> Right now I have to slow down a bit, especially during september,
> because of my university studies which will hopefully conclude next
> year. Then I'll have more time to work on our OS distribution and for
> sure I'll go back to the system of .dyne packaging in dyne:II so that
> you can get involved doing packages that can be easily and independently
> distributed. There are more people willing to help so I'll make sure
> that the system grows including the good contributions made.
> At last, since you were posting links to some (and some not) websites
> and places, here you can see where I was on vacation this summer we made
> nice pics and played in a wonderful mongolian Get (Yurt) :^)
> http://yurt.in
> please post links to your pictures of artworks and travels if you have
> some online, is fun to look at them :^D
> ciao
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Adam Bogacki