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Author: Holger Beetz
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Video card suggestions?
Hey Steven,

ATI cards do not play nicely with any of the free distribution since they
rely on firmware blobs to be initialized by the free radeon driver.

Depending on your needs (e.g. enough power to play games like Quake /
UT2k4) I would either suggest a passively cooled GeForce 9500GT or one of
the faster "brothers" like GeForce 9800GT. They sell very cheap at e-bay.
If your soundcard does not work I suspect you are using an on-board sound
right ?

Most soundcards (even USB ones) should work nicely with dynebolic. A used
soundblaster would do.

About compiz effects I am not shure but I guess with an NVidia card and
Nouveau, the basic stuff (3D effects in Gnome) should work.

As for making an own dynebolic spin-off you should search a bit for
remastering a Debian Live CD / DVD.
IIRC there was some discussion on remastering dynebolic on the list itself.

For dyne there is currently only this mailing list and no forum. If you are
looking out for a more active project you should consider using Trisquel as


2013/3/18 <haywire666@???>

> I have an ATI x1600 which works with dynebolic but not with video
> acceleration
> At least according to the h-node database :
> http://h-node.org/videocards/catalogue/en/1/1/undef/undef/undef/undef/undef/undef?search_string=x1600&submit=Search
> Can someone please suggest an inexpensive video card I can get on ebay or
> the like which will work with hardware acceleration?
> It also appears my soundcard is also not supported, so suggestions on
> those would be nice. I do have ab sblive with eum10k chip that I think is
> supported.
> Also, just a question but once you have a supported video card, do compiz
> effects work on startup? My current linux setup using mint with xfce and
> compiz requires you to start compiz with compiz-fusion icon, which I
> noticed is apparently not available for dynebolic?
> Also, I'm switching to this because I would like to create my own respin
> for friends, family and my students. Is there instructions or a guide
> somewhere for remastering the
> dvd?
> Sorry so many questions, I love this so far, except for the hardware
> issues which will be easily fixed by a couple of ebay purchases, worth the
> hassle to stay FREE.
> This is awesome, and comes with many progs I have used for a long time.
> looking forward to getting a spare pc completely up with it once I get a
> new sound and vid card.
> Is there no forum for dynebolic besides this mailing list?
> Best regards,
> Steven
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