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Author: haywire666
To: dynebolic
Subject: [dyne:bolic] Video card suggestions?
I have an ATI x1600 which works with dynebolic but not with video acceleration

At least according to the h-node database :


Can someone please suggest an inexpensive video card I can get on ebay or the like which will work with hardware acceleration?
It also appears my soundcard is also not supported, so suggestions on those would be nice. I do have ab sblive with eum10k chip that I think is supported.

Also, just a question but once you have a supported video card, do compiz effects work on startup? My current linux setup using mint with xfce and compiz requires you to start compiz with compiz-fusion icon, which I noticed is apparently not available for dynebolic?

Also, I'm switching to this because I would like to create my own respin for friends, family and my students. Is there instructions or a guide somewhere for remastering the


Sorry so many questions, I love this so far, except for the hardware issues which will be easily fixed by a couple of ebay purchases, worth the hassle to stay FREE.

This is awesome, and comes with many progs I have used for a long time. looking forward to getting a spare pc completely up with it once I get a new sound and vid card.

Is there no forum for dynebolic besides this mailing list?

Best regards,