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Author: sayhi2guy@tiscali.co.uk
To: dynebolic
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] How is everything going?

>----Original Message----
>From: vladimir@???

12/10/2012 19:34
>To: <dynebolic@???>
>Subj: [dyne:bolic]

How is everything going?
>Hi everyone
>The last months I've received

spam from the list (I don't even remember the
>last time some issue

about dyne:bolic was mentioned in the list). Is there
>a plan to

develop the next version of dyne:bolic (3.something or

I'm still using 2.5 because is the best distribution for my
>old PC (as

you can notice I can't do much development work with my museum

this is really a great project. Does anybody has the link to the

alfa version, my dik got damaged.
> Sincerely

Hi Vladimir

I have wondered the same as everything D:B seems to have gone very
quiet (as does pure dyne). I cannot find 2.6 on line either, However
you can still get 2.5.1 at:

Best wishes