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Author: quiliro
To: dynebolic
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] live boot problems
> In the end I can not comment on any S3-based GPUs but NVidia will
> cause problems with the vanilla dyne3 CD until Jaromil steps in and
> releases a new build both with a newer Kernel and a newer Mesa
> version. AFAIK he also wanted to add a Xorg framebuffer configuration
> as fallback which should work pretty much with any hardware out there.

> Until then you need to use the nomodeset kernel param to disable Novueau

so > far.

Slot:    01:00.0
Class:    VGA compatible controller [0300]
Vendor:    Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] [1039]
Device:    315PRO PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter [0325]
SVendor:    Elitegroup Computer Systems [1019]
SDevice:    Device [0c26]

I tried failsafe. Then I tried several boot parameters such as: nomodeset,
"i915.nomodeset", "vga=771" and others that I latter noticed that failsafe
already used. Nevertheless, the only way I could boot was with the
"single" boot parameter in failsafe mode.

I then tried to startx but had the same problem on root. On user luther, I
ran startx without response.