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Author: Jaromil
To: Bricolabs
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Even "The Powers That Be" are starting to Think Brico...

re all,

despite some controversial debates and exchanges, this mailinglist, as
any other mailinglist hosted on dyne.org, is not content moderated.

nevertheless, none of our discussion spaces is exempt from what I'd
define here "peer pressure". still, no policing involved (exception
made for institution-generated spam, because we like to stay human)

On Wed, 04 Apr 2012, Mr.Paw wrote:
> Because I think political correct polite people are some of the most
> narrow minded hateful specimens I have ever come across.

I consider what you wrote above the underlying statement that moves
your "provocative" attitude - and it makes me sympathize with you, but
then... as a matter of fact this list connects very different people
from different continents, cultures and beliefs, so the exercise of
perceiving sarcasm through an electronic media can be too much of a
demand for all of us. especially without the use of emoticons.

> Are you some sort of language police ?

The "funny" thing is, what I believe rises some kind of conspiracy
feeling in other members of this place, is that in the past we had a
participant turning into a troll and then leaving enraged because he
was the language police, someone living in Cambridge and speaking a
perfectly good english blaming a Brasilian for not being good enough
at it.

I think if you stress this point, the majority of the list will agree
with you that "proper english" is not a requirement and actually,
considering bricolabs is mostly a "public south-to-south network", our
use of english as a common (public) language can be seen as a
colonialist leftover - or a kind favour to decadent western culture.

But I believe what moves John to intervene here is mostly your
sarcasm, which can be easily perceived as offensive, especially for
all those here lacking context about you and western cynical humor in

You see: if you want to create an un/common ground of discussion among
very different people, minimalism is your friend.
So to say, keep your shit together. :^)


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