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Author: Mr.Paw
To: Bricolabs
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Even "The Powers That Be" are starting to Think Brico...
Hi James.

well written and straight to the point.

But since I have lived in 2 worlds. The eastern and the western, I am
convinced that most westerners are willing to lose a few legs and arms if
they can avoid what you are talking about. Because... when boiling It down
It sounds like smaller cars, "green IT" and in general... planning for the
future. Sounds great when you are buying a cup of fucking Baresso
fairtrade nigga-sweat, but less pleasent when you have to ride the bus
along with working class scum and muslims.
Who was that chick someone linked to here recently ? well.. she wrote
something like "as long as you allow the middle class to make money, they
will tolerate just about anything!". hmm.. something along those lines.
And I agree.
I think the ones who are quick to agree that something must be done, like
circular economy, well.. those people are also the biggest problem,
because they will resist fiercely when they realize they will have to
change their values.

So... How do you intend to cure human stupidity ?

ooh.. Aarhus here (some redneck town in Denmark) just bought like 10.000
computers. I strongly suspect that none of them were "green" in any way. I
mean... Its Denmark!!! At least they could have considered that guy in
Texas, I think he calls It Recompute. Great little project. I mailed with
that guy a few times. well.. great product, and Its CE ;) Check him out
and support him if possible: http://recomputepc.com/
There is an expo here in Aarhus the 11th at the towns hall (Aropia).
Well.. Its kinda ironic to present ideas for the future to the people who
dont really give a fuck as long as they get to keep they cars and houses.
He he.. what to say... MEDIC THAT!

But nice input. Thanks :)


Den 26.03.2012 kl. 17:43 skrev James Wallbank <james@???>:

> Hey Bricos,
> I'm not usually impressed by think-tanks. Chatham House is about as "UK
> Establishment" as they get, but have a look at these points from one of
> their latest publications, "A Global Redesign? Shaping the Circular
> Economy"...
> * A fundamentally new model of industrial organization is needed to
> de-link rising
> prosperity from resource consumption growth – one that goes beyond
> incremental
> efficiency gains to deliver transformative change.
> * A ‘circular economy’ (CE) is an approach that would transform the
> function of
> resources in the economy. Waste from factories would become a valuable
> input
> to another process – and products could be repaired, reused or upgraded
> instead
> of thrown away.
> * At the global level, a CE could help enable developing countries to
> industrialize and
> developed countries to increase wellbeing and reduce vulnerability to
> resource price
> shocks – but without placing unsustainable pressure on natural resources
> and
> breaching environmental limits
> * There is a window of opportunity to avoid replicating the
> resource-intensive
> production models of developed countries and “leapfrog” to a more
> sustainable
> mode of development
> * If circular economy practices are to be rapidly scaled up, a majorpush
> will be
> needed to overcome barriers, not least the dominance of the existing
> resource-
> and energy-intensive growth models
> These are the sorts of issues that Bricolabs have been thinking about,
> and acting upon, for some years.
> Of course, it may be that Bricos and Chatham House still havedifferences
> of emphasis - while Bricos may be more concerned with localcapacities,
> social and information economies, individual wellbeing andcommunity
> resilience, Chatham House's recommendations are likely toinfluence
> people whose primary concern is how to sustain growth as Indiaand
> China's economies push world resources to breaking point.
> However, I still suggest that this sort of engagement is a very good
> sign, and we may have more in common with a rapidly, (some would say
> "desperately") reforming mainstream than many Bricos may be comfortable
> with!
> Best regards,
> James
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