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Author: Felipe Fonseca
To: brico
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Please HELP US starting our DREAM! :)
Hey Asbesto and all

Just to note: I have forwarded the call for help to MetaReciclagem
network and a friend translated it into pt-br and posted here:



Em 21-02-2012 09:17, Jaromil escreveu:
> On Sat, 18 Feb 2012, Rob van Kranenburg wrote:
>> meetings in all around and most definitely in Sicily :)
>> for now sign me up for 1 dinner for two,
> its a good plan and worth sharing some money with this museum project.
> out of the little coins we get in dyne.org (nowadays mostly from ads,
> we ain't getting any other support) we already share a wooping 50
> nEURos a month for this museum and had shared some more in the past
> when we had funded projects. their rent now is at 350 a month and
> there are also local donors, we are struggling with the last cents,
> but can keep this thing rolling, a physical space is activating many
> new possibilities.
> lets keep it strong
> ciao
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