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Author: Set (setto)" Hallströ
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2024-06-27
-- Devuan meet 2024-06-27 @20:30 UTC --

Present: golinux, plasma41, bandali, hendrik

Regrets: fsmithred

Old Business

Old Actions

New Business


Questions for LeePen

1. On the Package Repositories[1] page, in section `Default
configurations`, the entries for both `Jessie` and `ASCII` are listed
as 'archived'. Given this, one would think the configuration lines for
each should show similar entries, but this is currently not quite the
case. While the `ASCII` entry gives 2 lines, the `Jessie` entry only
contains 1 line. More specifically, while the `ASCII` section **does**
include a 'security' configuration line, the `Jessie` section omits
such a line. In this regard I can recall only a decision being taken
to omit the 'security' line for `Jessie`, but I no longer recall the
rationale for why this decision was made. So the first question is
**why** there is no 'security' line listed for `Jessie`?(LeePen) IIRC,
that is because jessie security wasn't/isn't archived, so not available

- (LeePen) I think jessie security wasn't archived upstream.
- (Xenguy) Does this email[2] have any bearing on this issue?

2. Secondly, if there is indeed a valid rationale for leaving the
`Jessie` section with one configuration line only, then should the
`ASCII` section not similarly omit the 'security' line that is
presently there, in order to be consistent?

- (LeePen) I think ascii security *was* archived. Therefore the
difference is probably OK.

3. And finally, `Beowulf` is due to be archived sometime on or after
this Sunday June 30th, so we will need to know what configuration lines
should appear in that section once it has been archived.

- (LeePen) Yes, once buster is archived I will do the final amprolla
run for beowulf.
  - (Xenguy) I assume then that beowulf will likely include a security
    line then also, but please feel free to confirm when the 
    time arrives.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance with this LeePen!

Archiving Beowulf

I have prepared a separate git branch `archiveBeowulf` with the web
page changes needed once Beowulf is archived. I will just need to know
when that branch should be merged.

WWW Maintenance Guide

This guide, authored by our own golinux, and converted to markdown
format by bandali, has recently been finalized (for now) and published.
Thank you one and all for your efforts!



- Updated build script to ignore build failures on flaky archs (at the
moment just arch:riscv64)


- ceres:
+ network-manager (not arch:riscv64)


- Added my two cents[3] on the mailing list on the topic of orig
tarballs. Please add to the discussion there with any thoughts you may

- Reading through the systemd-unit-translator script. Looks promising
so far.

New Actions

[1] https://www.devuan.org/os/packages