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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Void Linux Presentation at GoLUG, 7/3/2024 7PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi all,

The Wednesday, 7/3/2024 GoLUG meeting commences at 7pm Eastern Daylight
Time online at meet.jit.si/golug [1].

The past few months the Void Linux distribution has become the
subject of curiosity and questions from folks wanting something closer
to the metal, folks wanting to shed their training wheels, folks who
want a rolling release that doesn't mess you up every few updates,
folks curious about the runit init system, for folks looking for a
smaller, cleaner musl based Linux, and from folks who just wonder what
all the hype is about.

I'm often the recipient of these questions because I've used Void
since March 2015. I'll answer all these questions at this online GoLUG
meeting. If people want to ask me questions about the runit init system,
that's also on topic.

It's important to remember that Void Linux isn't for everyone. Not even
for the majority. For some, this presentation helps by showing what
Void Linux can do and how to achieve it. For others, it's an early clue
that Void's not right for them, so they can spend the time looking at
other distros.

I'll save plenty of time to answer questions posed by attendees, so
this presentation can serve as a first step in evaluating Void Linux.
Hope to see you there.



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Steve Litt
GoLUG Publicity Coordinator

Originally founded in Orlando, Florida, United States, GoLUG now
welcomes an international audience for online presentations and
discussions on Linux and adjacent technologies.