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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Off topic: way for /etc
Jakub Juszczakiewicz via Dng - 06.06.24, 19:19:08 CEST:
>     Small off topic: are you using git for /etc maintenance as local git
> repository? Are you this is that good way for make it easiest?

I add some basic files and then the files I change before and after the
change to a local git within /etc. As it is backed up with the regular
backup I don't need any remote for these repositories. It might help with
easy reuse of configuration files on different systems tough. I do not have
all that many… so did not consider this so far.

I do not use etckeeper as by default it adds everything to git.

By only adding what I changed I have a simple way to "git checkout" the
repo from /etc and no exactly which files I touched.

An alternative would be Ansible, but I still did not get around to use it
for my private systems. The concept of first changing in Ansible, then
deploying, then testing, then probably changing again… did not stick with
me for those machines yet. Ansible is great for configuring many systems in
a similar way in a short amount of time. Like for trainings I give for
example. The systems are usually only needed for a week and then thrown
away, so of course I do not like to manually do the basic system
configuration for them.