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Author: Simon Richter
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Differences in .orig.tar.* archives vs Debian

I'm trying to build riscv64 packages for daedalus, based on my effort to
build riscv64 packages for bookworm.

To do this, I am importing the unmerged source packages into reprepro,
get the Arch:all packages from the amd64 Packages file and import these
into riscv64, and then start a small autobuilder to build riscv64 packages.

I've used the a similar approach to build bookworm/riscv64 packages,
which has worked reasonably well, and the autobuilder is slowly catching up.

When importing Devuan packages, I get checksum mismatches for
.orig.tar.* files though, specifically for

     avahi czmq dq fluidsynth freeipa hylafax oddjob openvpn rsyslog
     sshguard unattended-upgrades util-linux xorg-server

It seems these files have been repacked and no longer match the upstream
release, with no indication that this was done (like a +dfsg version tag).

I've investigated this for avahi, and it seems the reason for that is
that pristine-tar was deactivated in gbp.conf. I cannot really see a
reason for that, though.

Would it make sense to make it a policy to either use the exact same
.orig.tar.* file as Debian (under the assumption that they either use
the upstream archive, or repack it for DFSG reasons), or give an
indication in the upstream version number that Devuan has repacked the file?

I'm aware this cannot be fixed for the existing stable release, but I
think it would be good if a repository hosting both Debian and Devuan
packages could reuse the .orig archives between both -- that would also
make hosting a full mirror easier.