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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: telepathy
CC: maemo-leste, Ivaylo Dimitrov
Subject: [maemo-leste] Maintenance, activity and Maemo Leste

I'm mailing this list to see if there's still any one maintaining
Telepathy and if there is interesting in adding (additional) maintainers.

I'm working with Ivaylo (CC) and others on Maemo Leste, which is a FOSS
(and already functional) mobile operation system based on Nokia's Maemo
from ~2008 and we are using Telepathy for our calls (using
telepathy-ring), instant messages and so on. We have also received some
funding to work on Telepathy integration [1], which we are now finally
getting to after laying the other groundwork within Maemo Leste.

We've already started adding features to telepathy-haze [2], which was
also submitted as merge request here [3], but so far we haven't seen any
activity from the maintainers. The merge request adds basic support for
multi user chat rooms and I we have confirmed it works OK with purple
tdlib (Telegram), purple Slack and purple-facebook - we'll also continue
working on this to support other libpurple supported protocols like
Discord. We've also been building UIs to configure the various accounts.

We're also planning on either extending telepathy-gabble or building a
new XMPP connection manager using QXMPP [4] and TelepathyQt and attempt
to make it compatible with the modern XMPP standards [5].

I think Sailfish OS might also still be using some parts of Telepathy,
but I am not sure what other (mobile) projects are.

So I'm mailing this list to:

1. See if there's others still around who develop or use Telepathy and
have a vested interested in it;
2. Figure out if we should just keep our changes around in forks of the
Telepathy repository, or if we could work with the existing maintainers
to get changes reviewed, pushed out and released;
3. See (if not (2)) if we could become maintainers (over time I suppose,
but we'll need at least someone from the TP project active to pursue this);


[1] https://nlnet.nl/project/MaemoLeste-Telepathy/
[4] https://doc.qxmpp.org/qxmpp-1/
[5] https://docs.modernxmpp.org/