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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Show and Tell at GoLUG, 5/1/2024
Hi all,

The Wednesday, 5/1/2024 GoLUG meeting commences at 7pm Eastern Daylight
Time online at meet.jit.si/golug .

I'll be late because of my kids' birthday (this happens every May), but
when I get there I'll show a simple no Javascript, CSS-only web-menu and
a 100% CSS, no graphics knockoff of the logo from TV show Law & Order.
This gives plenty of time for others to show off various interesting
tricks they've created.

Hope to see you there.



Online via Jitsi:

Mobile app:

Desktop app:


Steve Litt
GoLUG Publicity Coordinator

Originally founded in Orlando, Florida, United States, GoLUG now
welcomes an international audience for online presentations and
discussions on Linux and adjacent technologies.