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Author: Set (setto)" Hallströ
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2024-04-25
-- Devuan meet 2024-04-25 @20:30 UTC --

Present: plasma41, bandali, golinux, hendrik, fsmithred, rrq


Old Business

Old Actions

New Business



- Upgrade to daedalus, mainly skipping chimaera.


- Update to stable [version
- Update plugins
- Updates to build script
  + handle migrations (in this case 64bit time_t) more reliably; in
    particular, ensure build-essential, perl and apt are updated and  
delete and recreate build chroot if updating fails.
  + include active build profiles in build name.
  + allow debootstrap to make the correct choice WRT merged-/usr setup.
  + handle fixed lintian which correctly implements default of 
    `--fail-on error`. Specify `--fail-on none`.

- ceres
  + base-files
  + pdns-recursor
    + colord: binNMU for libglib2-0
    + plymouth: binNMU for libpng16-16
  + packagekit: binNMU for libapt-pkg6.0t64
    + apt: binNMU 32bit arm: build with libgnutls3064t
      This fixed 32bit arm build chroots and allowed missing 32bit arm
      builds of:
      - policykit-1
      - hylafax
      - pcsc-lite
      - udisk2
      - openvpn
      - xorg-server
      - rsyslog (nocheck)


+ returned bubblan and babblan as armhf/armel build hosts, now using 
nbd for 100G disk. Also upgraded them to daedalus apart from having 
to remain on kernel 5.10.96-rk3188 (I've tried with building 6.1 or 
even 5.10.97 but not managed to build a kernel that wakes up the 
eth-via-dual-role-usb. However, by means of a beowulf chroot that
included gcc-8 I at least managed to build the nbd module for the
existing kernl; nbdfuse worked well but was a bit slow)

+ revived the ISO building pipelines (amd64 and i386), and modified 
installer-iso to build excalibur installers.
- needed workarounds for busybox and debootstrap that essentially 
were resolved by forcing silly-links and adding the usr-is merged 
- and a further workaround as the busybox modprobe cannot handle 
compressed kernel modules (newer kernel modules are kept xz-
- installation now fails softly due to lacking usrmerge default, and
hard due to broken dependency for python3-apt during tasksel. But it
can at least install the base system.

+ collected some dust on my hopes pile that bandali will take on iso


A question regarding mirrors:

I noticed that some of the mirrors on
https://devuan.org/get-devuan.html are **partial** mirrors, while
others (most?) are **complete** mirrors. For example, a partial mirror
might include only Daedalus and Chimaera, but no other versions prior
to those.

**Question:** Do we have any concerns about listing mirrors on this
page that are **not** fully complete?

  - Consensus is that at a minumum installation mirrors should provide
current stable and old stable isos but all of the previous releases are
not required. There was also discussion about possibly archiving old
installations isos. Needs further discussion.
    - (Xenguy) Thanks, will try a complete review of our mirrors this


- sent golinux preview link for her WWW maintenance guide as a markdown
file, for preliminary review
- (gl) A WIP . . .


- I suspect that on the forum andyp67 has returned as bilhook.

New Actions

- bandali: look into why usr-merge d-i step doesn't take effect, at
least for daedalus installer