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Author: dvalin
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] I'm angry, and I think you guys will understand
On 19.03.24 13:09, Steve Litt wrote:

> I'm re-learning pre-calculus online, and an advertisement came on

> saying something like:


> "Still searching Youtube for math help and finding nothing except

> videos from 2006?


> <swearwords class="deleted">

> </swearwords>


> OMG, 2006, it's out of warranty!

Logic error: Expecting rational discourse from 'em, as a norm. ;-)

Rather than fume at a world which has lost the 1800s-based respect for

erudition, and active work ethic, I've just sold my home in "the big

smoke", and moved out to the sticks. TV's not worth watching anyway, and

a comfortable echo chamber or two on the net is as much communication as

is needed. Understanding that "It's not me, it's you.", helps with a

certain Zen detachment, except for the real world stuff - and energy

diverted to dealing with tangible risk also has a calming effect.

If atmospheric +52% CO₂ wrt 1780 can lead to 5°C global heating once the

oceans catch up, as they absorb 93% of the heat load for a while, then a

modicum of adaptation will minimise discomfort, I figure. The effort

diverts futile anger at the recklessness of the slow global response to

certain massive environmental modification of an adverse nature.

Having just gone off-grid, it matters less to me that we've had high

voltage power pylons flattened by wind several times already now, before

the winds really pick up. With 118,000 L of water storage, and no town

connection, their water pumps are of only academic interest here. A

septic tank obviates reliance on sewage system pumps 'n stuff. We all

need schools, hospitals, and at least intermittent food supply, but

day to day resilience is bound to become an asset - by next decade,


The BEV runs on pure fossil free photons; now I need a little BEV farm

vehicle for fetching firewood, and fence repair. That sweat makes it

easy to ignore slow learners, not least your bete noir, those ignorant

of history, filled only with the latest ephemera.

Anyway, with 2 km² of forest between me and the highway, I prefer to

listen to the birds, rather than the madding crowd. But that's just me.