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Author: Klaus Ethgen
To: Mark Hindley
CC: 822
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#822: Screensaver with only blank does not work after suspend
Hello Mark,

nice to see that bugs are still addressed in Devuan. Many thanks for

Am Mi den 20. Mär 2024 um 13:29 schrieb Mark Hindley:
> On Mon, Jan 01, 2024 at 05:21:17PM +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> > I report that bug here as debian systemd evangelists start to even
> > reject bug reports that are unrelated to the location of the files just
> > because you don't commit to there systemd centric world.
> Is this still an issue?
> None of the packages concerned here are forked in Devuan. Can you reproduce it
> on a Debian system?

Since the systemd debacle, I have no debian system left and will never
ever install debian again.

As for Devuan, I migrated my most important systems away to gentoo as I
cannot accept usrmerge. Sorry to say that, I was very happy to see
Devuan evolving until that recent debacle.

With that to say, I have no Devuan on desktop left and cannot verify the
bug anymore. I only use Devuan on some servers (until the support
without usrmerge runs out).

(It is not fully true, I still have my work system on Devuan but
downgraded to daedalus.)

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