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Author: Haines Brown
To: Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] window manager fails to connect to XServer
On Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 09:21:56PM +1100, Ralph Ronnquist wrote:

> > But this didn't solve problem. However, the return from the env
> > command looks strange to me. For example:
> >
> > SHELL=/bin/bashpkg-dist=00;90:*.dpkg-old=00;90:*.ucf-dist=00;90:*.ucf-new=00;90:*.ucf-old=
> > WINDOWID=46137360;90:*.rpmorig=00;90:*.rpmsave=00;90:
> > G_SEAT=seat0ASS=user
> > no idea what they mean.

This was because garbate was spontaneously injected as I made lines.
Loging out and loggin in seems to have fixed that, and the reutrn not
from $ env looks normal.

> So, "startx" just returns rather than staying running with
> "startfluxbox" as programmed in ~/.xinitrc ?

So it seems. But no idea why.


     Haines Brown