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Author: Haines Brown
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] window manager fails to connect to XServer
On Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 05:38:03AM +1100, Ralph Ronnquist wrote:

> > $xeyes and $xlogo run just fine. Does this not show that the Xserver
> > is comunitating with X applications? If so, why not fluxbox?
> ... if xeyes and xlogo run and display, then that indicates the
> contrary, i.e. that DISPLAY is exported. You can check this by running
> "env" which will display all exported variables only, as opposed to
> "set" which is a shell command to rather display all variables set in
> the shell. Thus, compare
>     $ env | grep DISPLAY
>     $ set | grep DISPLAY

The result came as a surprise: nothing is returned. Nevertheless

$ echo $DISPLAY

I don't understand how to reconvile this return from env or know how
to correct it. The env command seems to mean to run a program in a
different environment.

> If both of those report "DISPLAY=:0.0" (and possibly more) then it
> shos that DISPLAY is exported. Otherwise that report only comes from
> "set" while "env" says nothing.

> When using "startx" the display session is set up via the ~/.xinitrc
> script that (typically) spawns various utilities and ends with an
> "exec $windowmanager" line (without backgrounding). In your case I
> guess it probably should be "exec startfluxbox".

You are correct. The last is indeed exec startfluxbox


     Haines Brown