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Author: sawbona
To: Arnt Karlsen
New-Topics: [DNG] ..why we should add Slackware as upstream? It's old-school, just like us, was: how-can-i-help
Subject: Re: [DNG] how-can-i-help; was: ..time to snap into reality check?

On 10 Mar 2024 at 19:41, Arnt Karlsen wrote:

> ..what it _does_ tell us, is Debian ...
> ... is in trouble, with package maintainers leaving.

Yes, that it does.

> ... again means trouble for us here at Devuan.

Trouble for Devuan began long before it was actually born.

I have posted my opinion on the *hows* + *whys* of the present
situation. You have seen them and participated with me in at least
one thread.


"I've said it many times before: there is a lot of moolah behind
making systemd the "de-facto" init for the Linux ecosystem.

systemd is nothing but an MS registry for Linux and the main purpose
is to turn Linux into a MS type OS.

Just why do you think that MS came to "love" Linux?"


> ..maybe populate it with alien-converted Slackware packages?

I really cannot say, all that is way above my pay grade.

Thanks for your input.