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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] libelogind-compat still needed?
Lorenz - 05.03.24, 13:31:05 CET:
> > I am using KDE Plasma with Runit. And of course I like my desktop
> > session to still work after an upgrade :)
> I't's not working for me, I can't mount usb stick, or
> suspend/shutdown/restart without root permission form my desktop
> (LXQt); superwierd,
> restart/shutdown/suspend
> works from sddm, so I suspect it might be a problem on my side, some
> config file leftover
> from when I used to build elogind on my own.
> Still had no time to dig into this nor to report it.

So far Plasma is working perfectly for me. Including USB, standby,
hibernation and so on. On several Devuan Ceres and Devuan Daedalus

For the Devuan Ceres machines I hope and am confident that it will be after
that time transition is finished.