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Author: Pontus Goffe
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Sparc

This message is a result from reading
https://www.devuan.org/os/community and the section "How You Can Help
Devuan" where there is a link to
https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=589 which has a bullet "Donate
PowerPC/Sparc hardware for build/development" that says "contact devs on
I wonder if the below hardware is of any interest for Devuan?

I have two Sparcs from 90's with possible bad NVRAM battery.
They worked perfectly last time I had them powered on but now I had to
go through
in order to boot.
Not sure yet if that charged the NVRAM battery or if the above will have
to be performed repeatedly until replacement.

Specs are:
Sun Sparcserver S10 Model 144 40.3Mhz SuperSparc / SuperCache 128Mb RAM
from 1992 runing SunOS 5.5. It comes with external disk cabinet called
Sun Mass storage model 1048. It has tape / cd / disks.
Sun Sparc Ultra 1 167Mhz 128Mb RAM from 1995. SunOS 5.5.1.