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Author: Set (setto)" Hallströ
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2024-01-25
-- Devuan meet 2024-01-25 @20:30 UTC --

Present: DelTomix, Hendrik, golinux, fsmithred

Regrets: setto, plasma41

Old Business

Old Actions

New Business


- I'm assuming that because usrmerge does not yet affect
stable/Daedalus, therefore the web site does not yet need to have any
information added regarding this topic.  Please disabuse me of this
notion if I am in error on this point  : -)
  - (gl) I assume you are caught up with the discussions on #devuan-

    LeePen has committed a patch? for the merge. The paste here -
https://dpaste.com/3QJTR8HJ8paste-dev - is expired but I kept a copy.
It is pasted at the very bottom of this page ****

     - (DelTomix) Link to patch on git:

- (gl) I would prefer that a mention be made somewhere on www (and
elsewhere) to prevent users from scrambling their systems when
upgrading to Excalibur because things are NOT as they used to be. How
to present that info needs to be thought out and worded carefully and
the best location decided on.

- (Xenguy) Okay, will catch up sometime soon on IRC. I have almost
zero knowledge of usrmerge at the moment.

- (DelTomix) Planning to run through several installer cycles this
weekend to test builder related work, during which I'll be keeping
notes of all issues and workarounds I encounter with merge/Excalibur.
Maybe I'll then have some helpful material to contribute and formulate
some guides.


- Someone in IRC asked about the Devuan onion site (for access via Tor)
and it happens I was looking at that recently, would like to do some
maintenance and get that back up and running properly on infra. Easy
work for me because I'm familliar already with running bridge relays.

- (Xenguy) Sounds good, parazyd was our only contact for Tor stuff in
the past.

New Actions

- (gl) Any chance that future pads can be posted the day BEFORE the


Parent:     dc6188a Version 13devuan1.
Merged:     debian/master master merge_debian suites/unstable-proposed
Contained:  suites/unstable
Follows:    devuan/13devuan1 (1)

d/control: Add dependency on usrmerge | usr-is-merged

Trying to resist this in Devuan is not possible with the resources

1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
debian/control | 2 +-
fied debian/control
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Package: base-files
Provides: base
Architecture: all
Pre-Depends: awk
-Depends: ${misc:Depends}
+Depends: ${misc:Depends}, usrmerge | usr-is-merged
Essential: yes
Priority: required
Replaces: base, miscutils, dpkg (<= 1.15.0)


Set Hallström
AKA Setto Sakrecoer