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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fw: Ignorant question: What is the point of removing systemd while keeping elogind?
Le 07/01/2024 à 09:38, tito via Dng a écrit :
> On Sun, 07 Jan 2024 14:56:34 +0900
> Olaf Meeuwissen via Dng <dng@???> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Joel Roth via Dng <dng@???> writes:
>>> On Sat, Jan 06, 2024 at 08:26:52PM -0500, Steve Litt wrote:
>>>> It appears to me that Thorsten Glaser/ //mirabilos, the guy who argued
>>>> for continued sysvinit support from day 1 and was shut down by the PTB
>>>> (Powers That Be) has created an empty package, called
>>>> logind-considered-harmful, that appears to my package management
>>>> ignorant mind to make elogind unnecessary. Judging from conversations
>>>> on this list, I think this fact might be of interest to some of you.
>>> I don't have elogind on my system. FWIW, these packages
>>> depend on elogind.
>>> $ apt-cache rdepends elogind
>>> elogind
>>> Reverse Depends:
>>>    libpam-elogind
>>>    elogind-dbgsym
>>>      elogind:i386
>>>   |mate-power-manager
>>>      elogind:i386
>>>    libpam-elogind
>>>      elogind:i386
>>>   |debian-podman-config-override
>>>      elogind:i386
>> The ones prefixed with a | indicate that elogind is a dependency with
>> alternatives.
>> The one for mate-power-manager also works with consolekit.  The one for
>> debian-podman-config-override can use cgroupfs-mount insteand and is
>> only a recommendation.
>> Hope this helps,
>> --
>> Olaf Meeuwissen
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> Hi,
> yes, but trying to remove elogind on my desktop system running daedalus
> wants to remove the a load of packages:
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>    accountwizard* akonadi-server* akregator* ark* baloo-kf5* bluedevil* breeze* calligra-libs* calligrasheets* debconf-kde-helper* dolphin* dolphin-plugins* dragonplayer* drkonqi* elogind* ffmpegthumbs* frameworkintegration*
>    gnome-system-tools* gparted* grub-customizer* gvfs* gvfs-backends* gvfs-daemons* gvfs-fuse* gwenview* juk* k3b* k3b-extrathemes* k3b-i18n* kaccounts-providers* kactivitymanagerd* kaddressbook* kalendarac* kamera* kate* kcalc*
>    kde-baseapps* kde-cli-tools* kde-config-cddb* kde-config-cron* kde-config-gtk-style* kde-config-mailtransport* kde-config-screenlocker* kde-config-sddm* kde-plasma-desktop* kde-spectacle* kde-standard* kde-style-breeze*
>    kde-style-oxygen-qt5* kde-style-qtcurve-qt5* kdeaccessibility* kdeadmin* kdegraphics-thumbnailers* kdepim-addons* kdepim-runtime* kdepim-themeeditors* kdialog* keditbookmarks* kfind* kgamma5* khelpcenter* khotkeys* kinfocenter*
>    kinit* kio* kio-extras* kio-ldap* kmag* kmail* kmailtransport-akonadi* kmenuedit* kmousetool* kmouth* knotes* konq-plugins* konqueror* konsole* konsole-kpart* kontrast* korganizer* kpackagelauncherqml* krdc* kross* kscreen*
>    ksshaskpass* ksystemlog* ksystemstats* ktexteditor-katepart* kup-backup* kwalletmanager* kwin-common* kwin-decoration-oxygen* kwin-style-breeze* kwin-wayland* kwin-x11* kwrite* libcolorcorrect5* libdebconf-kde1* libk3b-extracodecs*
>    libk3b8* libkf5akonadiagentbase5* libkf5akonadicalendar5abi1* libkf5akonadicontact5* libkf5akonadicore5abi2* libkf5akonadimime5* libkf5akonadisearch-bin* libkf5akonadisearch-plugins* libkf5akonadisearchdebug5*
>    libkf5akonadisearchpim5* libkf5akonadiwidgets5abi1* libkf5auth5* libkf5authcore5* libkf5baloowidgets-bin* libkf5baloowidgets5* libkf5bookmarks5* libkf5calendarsupport5abi1* libkf5calendarutils5* libkf5cddb5* libkf5configwidgets5*
>    libkf5contacteditor5* libkf5dav5* libkf5declarative5* libkf5eventviews5abi1* libkf5grantleetheme-plugins* libkf5grantleetheme5* libkf5gravatar5abi2* libkf5iconthemes-bin* libkf5iconthemes5* libkf5identitymanagementwidgets5*
>    libkf5imap5* libkf5incidenceeditor5abi1* libkf5kcmutils5* libkf5kdelibs4support5* libkf5kdelibs4support5-bin* libkf5khtml-bin* libkf5khtml5* libkf5kiocore5* libkf5kiofilewidgets5* libkf5kiogui5* libkf5kiowidgets5*
>    libkf5kmanagesieve5* libkf5konq6* libkf5kontactinterface5* libkf5krossui5* libkf5ksieveui5* libkf5ldap5abi1* libkf5libkleo5* libkf5mailcommon5abi2* libkf5mailimporter5* libkf5mailimporterakonadi5* libkf5mailtransport5*
>    libkf5mailtransportakonadi5* libkf5messagecomposer5abi1* libkf5messagecore5abi1* libkf5messagelist5abi1* libkf5messageviewer5abi1* libkf5mimetreeparser5abi1* libkf5newstuff5* libkf5newstuffcore5* libkf5newstuffwidgets5*
>    libkf5notifyconfig5* libkf5parts-plugins* libkf5parts5* libkf5pimcommon5abi2* libkf5pimcommonakonadi5abi1* libkf5pimcommonautocorrection5* libkf5pimtextedit-plugins* libkf5pimtextedit5abi2* libkf5plasma5* libkf5plasmaquick5*
>    libkf5purpose-bin* libkf5purpose5* libkf5quickaddons5* libkf5runner5* libkf5style5* libkf5templateparser5* libkf5texteditor-bin* libkf5texteditor5* libkf5textwidgets5* libkf5tnef5* libkf5wallet-bin* libkf5webengineviewer5abi1*
>    libkf5xmlgui5* libkpimaddressbookimportexport5* libkpimgapicalendar5* libkpimgapicontacts5* libkpimgapicore5abi1* libkpimgapitasks5* libkpimimportwizard5* libkpimsmtp5abi1* libkpmcore12* libkscreenlocker5* libnotificationmanager1*
>    libokular5core10* liboxygenstyle5-5* libpam-elogind* libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0* libpolkit-qt5-1-1* libpowerdevilcore2* libprocesscore9* libprocessui9* libreoffice-kf5* libreoffice-plasma* libtaskmanager6abi1* libweather-ion7*
>    mbox-importer* milou* modemmanager* okular* okular-extra-backends* partitionmanager* pim-data-exporter* pim-sieve-editor* pkexec* plasma-browser-integration* plasma-dataengines-addons* plasma-desktop* plasma-disks*
>    plasma-framework* plasma-integration* plasma-pa* plasma-runners-addons* plasma-systemmonitor* plasma-thunderbolt* plasma-vault* plasma-wallpapers-addons* plasma-widgets-addons* plasma-workspace* plasma-workspace-wayland*
>    policykit-1* policykit-1-gnome* polkit-kde-agent-1* polkitd-pkla* powerdevil* print-manager* qml-module-org-kde-draganddrop* qml-module-org-kde-kcm* qml-module-org-kde-kconfig* qml-module-org-kde-kcoreaddons*
>    qml-module-org-kde-kio* qml-module-org-kde-kquickcontrols* qml-module-org-kde-kquickcontrolsaddons* qml-module-org-kde-ksysguard* qml-module-org-kde-kwindowsystem* qml-module-org-kde-newstuff* qml-module-org-kde-purpose*
>    qml-module-org-kde-qqc2desktopstyle* qml-module-org-kde-runnermodel* sddm-theme-breeze* sddm-theme-debian-breeze* sweeper* synaptic* systemsettings* task-kde
> Do you think there is a workaround? Install   logind-considered-harmful ?

    Ciao Tito.

    It seems that it's KDE which heavily depends on elogind.

    On my host runing xfce4, trying to remove elogind only requires to
remove libpam-elogind and udisk2 and would cause the installation of seatd.

    KDE and Gnome both depend on a lot of bloat, eg dbus which they
have invented. This is yet another (personal) reason to avoid them. I
bet that sooner or later they will both strictly depend on systemd.

--     Didier