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Author: Jakub Juszczakiewicz
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Debian mirror problem affecting Devuan and others
Hi all,

     Today I see some problem with access by http://deb.debian.org to 
packages with kernel images. In my case it was upgrade MX Linux (x86-64) 
on my desktop PC - mirror that was resolved by DNS disallow download deb 
package because of HTTP 403 (forbidden). Today we got similar problem 
with Devuan upgrade - there was post with that problem on arm32, but I 
reproduced it on my VMs with x86-64 too.
I make test with change configuration on my Devuan mirror in nginx file 
with replace rewrite rules from deb.debian.org to ftp.pl.debian.org and 
it help for me. I done update+upgrade without any others configuration 
changes. Of course it temporary solution, but I have question - what we 
can do, when debian have problems like that?

Best regards,
Jakub Juszczakiewicz

PS. In Poland we have some word play, ale someones call not debian but
debilian - debil is one of polish word meaning an idiot.