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Author: sawbona
To: Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] postgresql unsupported distribution warning

On 14 Nov 2023 at 8:33, Ken Dibble wrote:

> ... not seen this warning before.
> ... do not know about the consequences of it ...

Q: where did you obtain the package you are attempting to install
from? ie: postgresql-13 (13.13-0+deb11u1)

The installed one, 13+225+deb11u1 is located in the merged
chimaera-proposed-updates/main amd64 repository.

The next available version would be 15+248 and is located in the
merged daedalus/main amd64 repository.

But I cannot find the *postgresql-13 (13.13-0+deb11u1)* version in
the Devuan repositories.

I think *that* is where the issue may be.