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Author: Lars Noodén
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Preventing suspend when lid closed on /server/ edition od Devuan Daedalus amd64

I've moved some systems around and now have the server edition¹ of
Daedalus on a notebook with a very broken hinge. No desktop environment
or desktop components were installed, that I know of: During the
installation, I've added only "SSH server" and "standard system
utilities" from tasksel. Other components (Git, Rsync, SQLite3, etc)
have been added by hand. Yet this system suspends when I close the lid.
At that point it can only be reawakened by tapping the power button on
the device itself.

Ideally the screen should still blank and go dark when the lid is
closed. The main requirement is that the system not suspend. I presume
this is some kind of power management misconfiguration.

What should I look for to prevent the system from suspending when the
lid gets closed?


¹ devuan_daedalus_5.0.1_amd64_server.iso