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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] RAM errors
Subject: [DNG] OT: Super duper (was: Re: RAM errors)
David L. Craig via Dng - 10.11.23, 10:41:22 CET:
> > > Probably not able to hot plug RAM, but still a desktop that would be
> > > interesting. The Talos II Secure Workstation:
> > >
> > > https://www.raptorcs.com/content/TL2WK2/intro.html
> > >
> > > However the price tag is interesting, too. Even for the cheaper
> > > BlackBird Secure Desktop.
> >
> > My bank account isn't THAT super. lol
> Indeed. The power consumption is also super, with most
> configurations requiring three-phase circuits.

I do not except a IBM z16 mainframe to draw less power than above Talos
Secure Workstation, even if the latter would be equipped with two of those
crazy 22 core Power9 v2 CPUs.

However it when it comes to performance per watt… would be interesting how
these systems compare with a typical x86 PC and also a typical x86 laptop.

Would be interesting, but I can also go without an answer :)