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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Irony
Martin Steigerwald - 07.11.23, 22:54:05 CET:
> Yes, you read that right: Systemd made ssh inoperable cause it thought
> it did not come up okay, but despite the error the ssh daemon was
> running and accepting new connections once I created "/run/sshd" again!
> Lucky me that running connections are not terminated on a ssh daemon
> restart!
> This all or nothing binary approach about system and service state in
> implicit Systemd policies is causing all kind of issues you would not
> have without that nonsense!
> You just don't do that. Ever.

I would appreciate the *information* about whether the system and/or all
services came up successfully. However what to do with that important
should be 100% my decision as system administrator.