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Author: Set (setto)" Hallströ
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-10-26
Devuan meet 2023-10-26 @20:30 UTC

Present: hendrik, DelTomix, golinux, setto, rrq

Old Business

Old Actions

New Business


Lemmy: Devuan has a fediverse group!

(DelTomix) setto explained how the fediverse group functions like
something between a mailing list and IRC, has a decentralized design,
and might be a great way to communicate.


Generate component/arch specific Release files for componenets that are
present in DAK (eg non-free-firmware).


Update to stable [version


- ceres:-
    + policykit-1
    + avahi
    + network-manager
    + ltspfs (Fix FTBFS)
    + udisks
    + pdns-recursor
    + xorg-server
    + dbus

- daedalus-security:-
    + xorg-server


Discussed with rrq about improvements to the installer-iso build

- Employing a consistent branch and versioning strategy to make
better sense of versions when transitioning to unstable, while
maintaining the ability to update stable.

- A tag strategy to source version numbers automatically, and to
invoke published builds with annotated tag. (Test builds such as #.#.#-
rc# stay as 'lightweight' tags for local only (unpublished) builds)

- Automating the build trigger on the publish server using cron to
check tags and initate builds when an annotated tag is pushed, and
maintaining a parseable build log to reliably track and assess when a
build should be invoked.

- Best entry point for triggering torrent server to update files,
generate .torrent, and initiate seeding. (final step to trigger is
publication of gpg signing)

All-together this eliminates manual version number updates (across
several scripts), manual cron enable/disable and git pull on publish
server, manual torrent creation/seeding/magnet link sharing, and
improves mantainability of the installer-iso build system (including
release metadata). A build is thus triggered simply by pushing an
annotated tag with defined release notes format to the appropriate
commit, and then only the gpg signing needs manual interaction.

New Actions

Setto will now be handling meeting/pad coordination for bgstack15. For

- Each week, an invitation with a new pad link is published to
#devuan-dev IRC and devuan-dev mailing list, a day or two before the
meet time.

- A couple of days after the meet: The notes from the meet are
published in devuan-dev mailing list.

- This particular meet needs the pad link published to IRC since it
was not announced so others can input if needed.


Set Hallström
AKA Setto Sakrecoer