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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-09-28
# Devuan meet 2023-09-28 @20:30 UTC

Present: DelTomix, golinux, fsmithred, rrq, micdud

Regrets: hendrik, plasma41

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen

#### Jenkins

- Derive suite binary architecture list from DAK.
- Only run autopkgtests on unstable.

#### Packaging

- ceres:-
    + firewalld
    + util-linux
    + choose-mirror (not arch:riscv64)
    + anna
    + net-retriever
    + base-installer
    + netcfg
    + apt-setup
- daedalus-proposed-updates:-
    + dbus
    + firewalld
    + xorg-server (backport fix for [#793](https://bugs.devuan.org/793))

### plasma41

- I'm working on spinning up a local instance of dumat (Debian
Usr-Merge Analysis Tool) by Debian Developer Helmut.
- (Xenguy) Glad you're on it; I looked it up and could only see
mention of the tool on Debian's git forge.

### rrq
- (gl) I see your heading here but no text from you. Was something
deleted? Adding micdud heading to conversation below.

### micdud
- (micdud) gnome seems to be too broken and should probably
  be removed from the installer's tasksel menu
  - (gl) Does this deserve a mention elsewhere? Xenguy . . . is there
a place where this could be noted somewhere on www?
    - (Xenguy) I like micdud's suggestion below... Preferred sequence might be:
      - Post a problem description/report on the forum
      - Can anyone replicate the problem?
      - Decide whether GNOME needs to be dropped
      - Locate references to GNOME on our web pages
  - @micdud . . . perhaps you could post your experience and a warning
on the dev1galaxy forum?
    - (gl) micdud . . . You are nominated to do that since you are the
one who experienced the issues.:D Also have you seen this thread?
"[GNOME] Tips and workarounds for a Devuan Daedalus GNOME system"
      - (micdud) yes i have , but it kind of proves a point, that
excessive hacking
        needs to be employed just to get the basics running.
        And besides on top of crashing/freezing that i saw.
        - there was an extra worrying issue that i saw,
          x apps under xorg session (firefox) migrated users sessions
          during user switching from one to another :)
          (but also i came to realise that all of this might have been
          caused by me running my ussual setups with ipv6.disable=1
for kernel???)
          since lots of things now expect ipv6 to be there, even
internal comunication of
          X protocol maybe ?
          - i will test once more without any extra configurations/tweaking
            just a basic install, and that is all.

## New Actions