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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What wireless broadband software to use on Devuan?
On 2023-09-24 18:04:36, dvalin@??? wrote:
>    On 20.09.23 20:03, onefang wrote:
>    > I just checked AussieBB website again and I did remember correctly
>    > that their office and call centre is in regional Victoria. Says
>    > Morwell on the website so that might be nearby? Internode is from
>    > Adelaide so my guess is AussieBB would have equivalent or better
>    > service in that area?

>    Oooh, that's good enough to call a bullseye, I figure.
>    Morwell is about halfway out on the highway to my place between Sale and
>    Bairnsdale. Supporting regional business seems attractive, too.

>    And AussieBB is a bit cheaper than Telstra. I'll have a chat with them, to
>    see
>    if that Netcomm Cloudmesh modem also has wired ethernet. Then I wouldn't
>    have to find a wifi dongle and get that to work.

You mean this NETCOMM NF20MESH
https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/internet/hardware/ ?

"The gateway features 4 LAN ports capable of gigabit speeds, meaning you
can hardwire your most important devices"

So yes, it has wired Ethernet.

People I trust that know networking in Australia told me that AussieBB is
currently the best technically, which is why I switched to them when
Internode went down hill. So far they have only screwed up two things,
neither of them technical. One was they forgot to bill me once. The
other I think we can say was the fault of Optus, I ordered another SIM,
and asked for data only, the SIM I got included phone. Both where sorted
out quickly after I told them about these. When they forgot to bill me,
they didn't cut me off, they only left out the "extract money" part.
They have been very good to chat with in general.

I just moved house on Wednesday, and the new place has existing wireless
TPG that's shared between four of us. It's crap, so I'm considering
wireless AussieBB NBN just for me. I may buy this device myself. But at
least the home owner is paying for this crap Internet. My wallet is
still recovering from the move.

>    Many thanks for your insights. It's a lot easier to jog along in someone
>    else's
>    footprints, especially when there's a lot on.

So if you get this device before I do, lemme know how well it works for
you. Then I can jog along in your footprints. B-)

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